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Citizenship Verification:  Timeline & Important Update

200,000 to be cancelled by HHS for not submitting proper proof.  CA Healthline 2.12.2015

12.3.2014 Covered CA Press Release and Fact Sheets about confidentiality of immigration status and processing for Medi-Cal and other programs, even if not lawfully present.

On Monday, October 13, 2014, Covered California emailed agents the Press Release about the Lawful Presence Pre-Termination Notice that was sent to out to a select group of consumers.  In order to provide agents with the resources to assist consumers that received this notice, Covered California has developed several informative tools. They are as follows:

On September 2nd, Covered California sent notices to approximately 148,667 consumers notifying them that they needed to submit documents to verify their citizenship or immigration status, either because they had not provided them previously or because the documents they provided could not be used to clear the inconsistency. On September 5th, Covered California sent a list of consumers who needed to clear a citizenship or immigration inconsistency to the approximately 6,700 agents that had helped those consumers enroll. Subsequent to that agent outreach, we discovered that some cases contained verification documents that were valid but had been incorrectly uploaded.  We have completely processed all documents that had been incorrectly uploaded.  As of September 23rd, we have cleared approximately 64,150 consumers from a verification inconsistency, either because the consumer uploaded the necessary documents after they received our notice or because we discovered documents that had been incorrectly uploaded to their cases.  On September 24th, we sent an email notification to the approximately 4,000 agents who no longer had consumers who risked termination, either because the consumer had uploaded the necessary documents after they received our notice or because we discovered and processed documents that had been incorrectly uploaded to their cases.  On September 26th and October 3rd, Covered California will send updated lists to the approximately 2,600 agents who still have consumers that need to clear a citizenship or immigration inconsistency.  Only consumers on these updated lists will have outstanding citizenship or immigration inconsistencies.

If you do not receive a list on September 26th or October 3rd, this means you no longer have consumers with inconsistencies.   We will continue to notify agents directly when this occurs, so that agents are aware that they no longer have consumers pending verification.     To check if a consumer has been verified, you can contact the Agent Service Center at (877) 453-9198.  Please review your updated lists prior to calling.  For instructions on how to properly upload a verification document, please refer to the Job Aid – Uploading Verification Documents.  Important Update on the Deadline Covered California is committed to reviewing all documents that are properly uploaded on or before the September 30th deadline, prior to generating termination files that are sent to the carriers.

Consumers who are unable to verify their citizenship or immigration status by the September deadline will receive a notice from Covered California in early October stating that their last day of coverage will be October 31st.

After September 30th, Covered California will continue to accept and review verification documents through the end of the calendar year.  Consumers will need to work with their Certified Insurance Agent to upload the required documents and to call a unique Helpline to confirm verification.  The Helpline phone number will be available to consumers and agents sometime in October.  Once verified, coverage will be reinstated back to November 1, 2014.

As an alternative, the appeals process will also be available to consumers; however, it is recommended that consumers use the unique Helpline provided for assistance.  CalHEERS – Planned Production Outage The Covered California online enrollment system (CalHEERS) will be offline beginning 7:00 p.m. Saturday, September 27 through 7:00 a.m. Monday, September 29, 2014 for maintenance.  Please plan to upload client verification documents accordingly.   Thank you.

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  1. Here’s some comments I rec’d via email

    TYVM…the number they left to contact them at (800-300-1506) was a very short message just saying “We are unusually busy…Goodbye”. – What a wonderful system. Thanks again have a great weekend.

    So I guess when they say they are unusually busy….they should say “We aren’t really doing anything …….except ….we are unusually busy disconnecting all incoming calls with our automated attendant.

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