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I received an eligibility letter stating my household income is 30k for a 2 person household. This might have been recalled from last year, but the current income is 20k. I am having a difficult time understanding the chart,

***See excerpt of chart below.  With two people in the household, you need $22k of income to qualify for Silver 94.

but would it be better to update the info or leave as is?

***The law and all the rules mandate that you notify Covered CA within 30 days of changes in income.

Learn More==>   Report Income Change

I heard reporting too low of an income may have adverse affects, but using the chart I can’t determine which is best.

It’s not a question of what is best.  It’s a question of following the law and not letting either one of us going to jail for tax fraud.   If your expected MAGI income (Line 37 of 1040*) for 2016 is $20k for two people, then you qualify for Medi-Cal, not Covered CA subsidies.

Hope you can help.


Thank you


***The first thing to do is get a complementary quote and subsidy calculation from our quote engine.   We will explain more shortly.

Borderline 2 people - Medi-Cal vs Covered CA Silver 94
Borderline 2 people – Medi-Cal vs Covered CA Silver 94

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