What happens after my Covered California application is complete?
I have received nothing from them?
How do I pay my bill?

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You will not get any response from Covered California (CC) beyond what you can find in you online CC account. Login to your CC account. The “Progress Bar” is that horizontal line across the top of the page with checked boxes.    View CC’s FAQ on Application Status  SNAFU Federal Regulations “requiring” 1.1.2014 effective date.  Covered CA 1.5.2013 Bulletin on how to check statusBlue Shield Website


**Confirm Enrollment**: The “Enrollment” box should be checked. If not click on the “Eligibility” box and now you should see a check the enrollment box. If your application is complete, you will see an enrollment summary page with the health plan selected, effective date of coverage, and net premium due. You may want to print that page for your records.


Blue Cross Payments can be made HERE     Try this for Blue SHIELD

If you do not see your enrollment summary, your application is not complete. Complete it by going through the plan selection step again.

**Confirm Eligibility**: From the progress bar, select “Eligibility”. You will see a very busy page with your eligibility results. Each family member is listed separately and you may find that eligibility varies by individual. Most commonly, for example, parent(s eligible for APTC (Advance Premium Tax Credit – AKA Subsidy) and CSR (Cost Sharing Reduction) and child(ren) eligible for Medi-Cal. Do not be concerned if you see that you are “Conditionally Eligible”, that just means that you will have to provide verification documents within 90 days.



Once your enrollment is confirmed, your next contact will be from the insurance carrier you selected by automated phone message and mail, with instructions to pay your initial premium by January 6th. CAHBA

See our SNAFU page, about if you will REALLY be covered on the 6th….

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Select Steve Shorr Insurance as your Agent, no additional fee.



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Sonja Mitchell …. my application has been pending for over a month.. What the heck is up with that? …
1 · January 17 at 6:11pm

Covered California … if your application is pending for Covered California, you may need to provide additional documentation. If it says you are eligible for Medi-Cal, then we have sent your application to them and they will contact you. …  facebook.com

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