Covered CA –  We would love further comments – what questions or portions of the application do you feel need to be changed or updated? If you wish to respond I will forward these new comments on to management as well.  Thank you & have a great day, Barbara Speck  SHOP SCR (Excerpt of 9.15.2014 email)

  1. It should be fillable online.  Agents should not have to spend their own $$$ and time to make that feature available, like I did here.
  2. Should be very similar to ONLINE application to allow inputting to be easier
  3. Here’s our markup of the 11/13 revision of the application
    1. It should have bookmarks for easy navigation.
    2. There should be a title in properties for better google recognition
  4. It would be nice if the Covered CA website was working…9.15.2014 9:58 PM
  5. Agents should have an online enrollment link, like all our other companiesprovide outside of the exchange – see sidebar.
    1. One could argue that Covered CA is in violation of  Section 1301 a 1 c (iii) PPACA by giving less service and premium value in the exchange than out of it.
    2. How many experienced agents refuse to write in the exchange for this VERY reason!  I’m seriously considering it, but for my 2 s deferment to allow me to get a Bachelor’s Degree in Insurance.  Thus the poor that you want to help, are not getting all the agents licensed to sell health insurance.
    3. Hey, I certainly don’t want to go to any enrollment fairs.  How can I?  The website doesn’t work, how many Medi-Cals that I won’t get paid on?  How much time did I spend just rewriting my own business with forced cancellations, in violation of what President Obama said!  Then I’m called up to serve my country to try and fix this messed up thing!

Anyone wishing to make comments – please do so at the bottom.  If you cite anything or state a fact, please put in a URL to back up your position.


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