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2019 Individual Plans, Rates & Information


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Here’s the preliminary rates for 2019 and the metal levels.

Covered California announced that all 11 plans will return to the marketplace in 2019 to sell health insurance, with rates for most consumers going up an average of 8.7 percent over 2018.


While the average rate increase is more modest than last year’s increase, the rates would have been even lower were it not for changes at the federal level. The federal government’s decision to eliminate the individual mandate penalty inflated rates this year, which should have been closer to 5 percent. While the average rate increase announced today reflects the statewide average, the circumstances for individual consumers will vary in 2019 given their own individual circumstances and regional rate variations. At that time, many consumers may find they can save money on their premium if they switch to a lower cost plan.


Review the full press release issued by Covered California today.

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updated 2019 Renewal Tool Kit, 

Documents to confirm Covered CA eligibility 2019 Sign-up Tool Kit, Some of the important resources included in the Tool Kit are:

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Covered CA predicts 30% rate increase for 2019, unless we get Federal Stabilization

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Los Angeles Times 6.15.2018

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Covered California’s Comments to the 2019 Benefit and Payment Parameters


Covered California’s Comments on Request for Information on Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: Innovation Center New Direction

Covered California’s Comments to Proposed Market Stabilization Regulations

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  1. What changes to Covered CA and Medi-Cal could be anticipated in 2019

    (I think we spoke about this – rate increases, but any other potential changes to being forced to Medi-Cal or reduction in Medical-Cal funding reducing federal / state provider reimbursement)?

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