Confusion for Open Enrollment - Modern Health Care
Confusion for Open Enrollment – Modern Health Care
Covered CA - Insurance Companies & Rates for 2018 - Preliminary
Covered CA – Insurance Companies & Rates for 2018 – Preliminary

Open Enrollment starts tomorrow 11.1.2017 – tons of confusion & uncertainty LA Times 10.31.2017  *  CA Health Line Emily Bazar 10.27.2017  *  Modern Health Care  *

Molina’s Explanation of how they don’t know what the 2018 tax credit will be.   We say – our OUR Shop & Compare tool – Quotit.

Covered CA will announce 10.11.2017 which set of rates will be used.  CapRadio  

Covered California press release issued 8.1.2017,  with more detail and a link to the 2018 Rate Book.

Blue Shield Email Blast on things to consider for 2018 renewal

Deadline for insurer’s to file rates extended to 9.5.2017 CA Health Line

The weighted average rate increase is 12.5 percent this year, and all 11 health insurers will continue to offer coverage. 

It should be noted that given the uncertainty surrounding the enhanced silver – cost-sharing reduction (CSR) payment, Covered California may need to add an additional 12.4 percent surcharge on all Silver plans

Anthem Blue Cross of California is withdrawing from 16 of California’s 19 Pricing Regions where it serves approximately 153,000 consumers, while remaining in three regions (Region 1, 7 and 10) where it covers more than 108,000 consumers (41 percent of their current enrollment). This means that more than half their customers will need to find a new plan. Given this, your help will be a necessity for the upcoming renewal and open enrollment period. LA Times 8.1.2017 *   SF Chronicle



Clarification on the Silver 70 Plan

Blue Shield‘s broker roadshow, we said to the brokers that the only way for a client to get a Silver 70 plan was through CoveredCA since we are closing our Silver 70 mirror to replace it with our Off-Off Silver 70.

However, we got confirmation yesterday that new consumers can actually also purchase our new Silver Off-Off 70 through our portal as well and not be affected by the higher rate on Covered California.

  • Existing On-Exchange Silver 70 members not receiving any tax premium credits or CSRs will be renewed into their existing Silver 70 plan and will be affected by the higher rate on Silver 70. Covered California will encourage those members to move to a gold plan since the price range will be closer to gold. Brokers should also encourage their non-subsidized members on an On-Exchange Silver 70 plan to move to our Silver 70 Off exchange to avoid paying the higher rate.
  • Existing Off-Exchange Silver 70 members will be mapped to our new Silver 70 off-off plan  Email dated 8.21.2017


The Associated Press: California To Release 2018 Insurance Rates Amid UncertaintyCalifornia officials plan to release next year’s monthly premiums Tuesday for people who buy individual insurance plans under former President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul. The announcement comes at a time of extreme uncertainty about the future of the U.S. health care system. (8/1)

KPCC: California 2018 Health Insurance Rates Come Out Tuesday, And They’ll Likely Be Higher Californians will learn Tuesday how much health insurance will cost in 2018. And for the 9 percent of Californians who buy health insurance through Covered California, rates could be to be up to 17 percent higher, according to officials with the state exchange. (Faust, 7/31)

The latest on Trumpcare?

Rate release being withheld till August, due to ACA, Trump Care and Cost Sharing Reduction Concerns * CAP  7.19.2017

 Prior to the ACA, Adam relied on his parents who dipped into their savings to help pay for his medical expenses. Now that he’s enrolled, Adam and his family have peace of mind knowing the treatment he needs is covered by his health insurance plan.
January 31 Final Enrollment Date

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