Sample Letter asking for proofs
Sample Letter asking for proofs

Covered CA 90 Conditional Eligibility 

A 90 day conditional eligibility notice  means that you get coverage for 90 days even though Covered CA hasn’t verified that you qualify.  As long as you send the proofs that are being asked for, everything is fine!  There is NOTHING to worry about!  Just comply.  If you have trouble with compliance, email us.

Clients need to submit valid documentation for one or more of the following reasons:

You  can upload, fax, send to their Certified Agent or mail their documentation. More than one document may be required.

View our Conditional Eligibility Quick Guide * or Job Aid for more information on the notice and to view a list of acceptable Verification Documentation.

Look for this sentence in the letter that you get from Covered CA.

We need your proof within 90 days. If we get a response and you prove your citizenship by the due date above, you will keep your insurance through Covered California.

Here’s the biggest lesson I learned in one year of law school.  Read everything 3 times and when you think you understand it, read it again.

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4 comments on “Conditional Eligibilty

  1. Good morning Steve,

    After starting this year, I tried to get money for my target of $1,500/month – $18k/year MAGI Income to be on enhanced Silver and I made a ledger sheet from Jan. to March. (some are in estimate).

    However, I could not find where to apply the ledger sheet and receipts at the Website of coveredca,com.

    Do you know where can I find to send those documents (for my quarterly income proof)?

    Thank you very much.

    Mark O

  2. Hi Steve,

    I appreciate your responses.

    1. However, I’m confused from the link to the income chart.

    2. I’m also confused how I was able to get off Medi-Cal for January but something got booted off now and you need new documentation that you did not need before.

    3. At this point, all of a sudden, I’m not even sure if I’m still on Anthem Blue Cross or on Medi-Cal or nothing?

    4. And it’s on auto-bill pay so I’m not sure if March was even paid or will be automatically billed. What a mess.



    • 1. The income chart shows the Federal Poverty Levels to qualify for Medi-Cal, Enhanced Silver 94, 87 & 73 etc. IMHO it’s better to use our FREE Quote Engine. More explanation of how and what the income chart is, why and how it works is at our Income, FPL & Program Chart page & includes videos.

      2. See the screen shots we had privately sent you in prior email, we put down $20k in expected income for 2016.

      3. Read the letter carefully. I will grant that it’s not fluent English. I recall being in court one day and the Judge read a letter an attorney wrote and said that if his daughter a freshman at UCLA wrote it, she’d get a F.

      4. Did you sign up for the Blue Cross member portal? You can look there. Also, check all the screen shots I sent you. I think Blue Cross shows you cancelled. Let me know if you want us to double check

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