We also want to change our insurance company besides our mailing address.  It is all right if it is HMO, as long as we can get it cheaper.

***We will have all the rates, benefits and subsidy calculation for all companies on 11.1.2016.  Please use our complementary quote engine or watch for our bulk email if you have ever used our quote service.

What ever you recommend.

***Thanks for your vote of confidence.   Let’s see how the plans and subsidies look on 11.1.2016.

I thought about Health Net but my doctor told me this morning that they are having a problem getting paid.

***As long as your MD is a participating provider for Health Net, the details of how the MD gets paid, isn’t really your concern.   Just like the lower commissions I get as an agent under Health Care Reform and the slave labor work I do for Medi-Cal.

The premium for 2017 is so expensive ($670.08).

***The $670 is all hocus pocus and IMHO a scam upon the American Tax Payer.  Your premium is $1,267, that is how much Blue Cross will be receiving to pay your potential claims and those who actually are unfortunate and get sick.  You are getting tax credits based on your estimated MAGI income – Line 37 of your 1040 *    The tax credits are based on a complex formula in Section 1.36 B-3.   Thus, our complementary quote engine to calculate them for you.

How are we suppose to afford that.  When we paid our taxes for 2015, Covered California gave us refund because we did not make a lot of money in 2015.

***Then we need to adjust your estimated MAGI Income for 2017 and get a closer calculation.  Just like doing a w-4 estimated withholding.   If self employed – your estimated tax payments.  Please note also Covered CA and the Feds want you to report changes in your MAGI within 30 days.

Right now I am having a problem with Blue Cross because they are not paying some of my preventive care, which cost over 10,000.

***I have a feeling that your definition of preventative care is not that same as the one in ObamaCare.  Note the exclusion for prior symptons or history of that specific condition.

I feel like I am getting punished because I am working.

***I get punished for having to enroll those on Medi-Cal and all the work I’ve done on the Medi-Cal website.  I’m effectivly # 1 in google on redetermination.

Do you need our 2015 taxes?

***If Covered CA asks for them, if they are not able to verify your income in the Federal Hub.  Otherwise, I just need your MAGI income for 2017.

Please Help!!!  Let me know what to do.  670.08 premium is too much.

***Let’s see what the subsidies are with your correct estimated MAGI income on 11.1.2016.


Our MAGI income for 2017 is 21,000

***Based on the income chart that puts you in Medi-Cal, 138% of Federal Poverty Level and all.     If you get up to $22k for 2017, that would put you into Silver 94 with subsidies.

I’m not sure how you got $109.43.  Please send the full screen shot…  When did you get that quote?

Agent Portal – Showing Calculations
Quote you saw
What I see for December at $22k – The border line

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