Covered CA 2017 Plan Booklet
Covered CA 2017 Plan Booklet

We will update this page as we get the information in from Covered CA.

New look and updates in Covered CA portal.  New questions, easier to read and understand.

Learn More==> Blog Insure Me Kevin.com 2.13.2017  * Income Enhancement Job Aid  * Website Updates 6.23.2017 * Calheers Release Notes 17.2 

Unfortunately, rates overall including those not in Covered CA are going up 13%  Learn More==>  Covered CA Press Release 7.19.2016


Acceptable Administrative Documentation – May 2016

Here’s the information from the 2016 Renewal Period.

Click here for 2017 Rates & Subsidy Calculation as soon as it becomes available.  Probably October 1st.

Covered CA Renewal Instructions – Here’s our Quote Engine



1.31.2017 Final Enrollment Date
Unexpected Car Accident – Get covered



Rate increase

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One comment on “2017 Renewal New & Introductory Information 13 to 24% Rate Increase

  1. Thank you so much for following up with me. [Sending my current quotes and the link to update and view in October for January] You are such a mensch! [Yiddish for Gentlemen]



    PS.. You know, I really feel like I know you in a capacity other than my insurance broker….You really are a super guy and I feel very fortunate that I found your website…

    Thank you so much! And with your advice about Medicare supplements, even with all of Harold’s hospitalizations and tests, etc, we have had minimal out of pocket for him, all thanks to your expert advice.

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