Covered CA Renewal Toolkit 2016
Covered CA Renewal Toolkit 2016
Covered CA 2016 Plan Book
Covered CA 2016 Plan Book


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2017 NEW information Covered CA Enrollment Period- Renewal Tool Kit

  • Acceptable Administrative Documentation – May 2016

Job Aid – Single Streamlined ONLINE Application – Screen Shots & Instructions

Consent for Verification – Talking Points    Sample Letter

Sample Renewal Letter for 2016

Proof of Citizenship – Lawful Status

Inconsistencies – Verification

Analysis and simplification by our friendly competitor  Insure Me

Changes to coverage for 2016  Insure Me

Covered CA Website – Resources to keep & use your coverage

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Accepted Documents   on Covered CA Website 12 page pdf

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Agent Forum – The power of Synergy synopsis by Insure Me

$29M ad campaign launched by Covered CA  CA Health Line 11.2.2015

Rate increase is only 4% statewide average over 2015 per LA Times 7.27.2015  ♦  Covered CA Press Release 7.27.2015  Check out our Friendly Competitor’s blog – he spent way more time on this than I did.   Blue Shield in Region 9 will increase 20 to 44% Page 83   Don’t forget, it’s all a function of Medical Loss Ratio – MLR.

Graphics ♦  2 page quality care fact sheet ♦  3 page – good rates and how we got there

Latest Articles & Bulletins

New York Times – 10.11.2015 not as many people are renewing as expected

Client Covered CA account gets completely erased  Insure Me 10.5.2015

Agents not fairly compensated?  Commission Structure Problems –  Insure Me  9.23.2015

Reporting a change can bump up your rate if you had a birthday, rather than just annual rate changes.  Learn More⇒  Insure Me

Covered CA lowers budget and projected enrollment figures.  Covered CA has used up most of the $1 billion in federal start-up money.  Some uninsured folks still find health insurance unaffordable despite the health law’s premium subsidies.

The budget details include proposals to:

Spend $58 million less compared with the current fiscal year, a 15% reduction.

• Devote the largest portion, $121.5 million, to outreach, sales and marketing. That’s down 33% from the current year.

• Maintain the monthly $13.95 fee (Learn more ⇒ on this hidden fee –  for each individual policyholder, which would raise $233.2 million in revenue.

Many consumers dropped out right away because they failed to pay their initial premium for coverage to take effect.

In addition, Covered California said, about 160,000 people whose incomes fell shifted into Medi-Cal, the state’s Medicaid program for the poor. And fewer people than expected migrated to Covered California from Medi-Cal, officials said.

Many Californians who signed up in 2014 were closer to the federal poverty line and often paid just a few dollars a month for health insurance, thanks to generous federal subsidies.

The remaining uninsured were closer to the cutoff for those federal dollars, meaning they had to pay more of the premium themselves.

Learn More⇒  CA Health Line 5.13.2015 ♦ LA Times


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 Renewal Tool Kit for 2015 to 2016 (2 pages with links to MORE! Rev 7.2015)