Covered CA 2020 Individual Plans, Rates & Information

Less than 1% premium increase

Covered California unveiled its preliminary rates for the upcoming 2020 coverage year, revealing how consumers will benefit from new state initiatives, and announced that a major carrier – Anthem Blue Cross will be expanding into new areas and providing consumers with more choice.  July 9 Press Release * July 19 Press Release *

Quick Information on the 2020 Preliminary Rates 

  • The rate change was driven lower due to two new state initiatives designed to improve affordability and encourage enrollment.
    • An estimated 922,000 consumers will be eligible to receive financial help subsidies from the state which will lower the cost of their coverage. This includes, for the first time, many middle-income Californians who were previously ineligible for assistance because they exceeded federal income requirements cap from 400 to 600% of Federal Poverty Level as well as low-income Californians will also get additional help on top of the federal tax credits that they already receive.
    • Restoring the individual mandate was a key factor in driving premiums lower by between 2 and 5 percent per carrier with an average of 3.2 percent.
  • All 11 of Covered California’s health plans will be returning for 2020, and a major national plan – Anthem Blue Cross – will be re-entering several parts of the state.  Blue Shield will expand also.  As a result, 87 percent of Californians will be able to choose from three carriers or more and 99.6 percent of consumers will have two or more choices.  LA Times 8.9.2019 *
  • Beginning in October, Covered California consumers will be able to visit our calculator  and enter their personal information to learn about their gross premium, federal and state subsidies and estimated price for 2020. Until that time, the rate information announced today only reflects the statewide average.

Here’s Covered California’s  regional pricing data for 2020 .

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2020 Preliminary Rates

Covered CA 2020 Preliminary Rates

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Renewal Procedures for 2020

The renewal period for members begins on Oct. 8, 2019.   Which is interesting as Open Enrollment isn’t till 10.15.2019 and may change if AB 1309 gets passed.  

To renew your health insurance for 2020, simply log in to your account or email us [email protected] for assistance.  Then click on the RENEWAL button to complete the renewal process. You may also use the Shop and Compare Tool to see your health plan options and rates.

It is important to look at your health plan during this renewal period because for the first time ever, almost a million people could receive additional financial help from the State of California to lower the monthly cost of health insurance. This means you may now qualify for financial help even if you didn’t in the past. Or you may receive even more help than you did before! The amount of financial help you may get depends on your income, where you live and your family size.

When you renew your health insurance plan, you will be able to:

  • Review and update your Contact Information and Application.
  • Compare different plans to get the best coverage for your needs and budget. All plans, bronze to platinum, offer the same level of high-quality health care. The only difference is you choose the best payment option for you!
  • Find out if your costs have changed, or if you could receive financial help this year from the State of California to lower your monthly premium. If you previously have not applied for financial help, you will be asked if you would like see if you qualify for help. If you select “YES” then “Save & Continue,” you will be guided through sections of your application to provide more information.  
  • Make sure the doctors or hospitals you want are included in the plans you are comparing by using our  Shop & Compare Tool, while shopping within your application or by contacting us – [email protected]

For questions or additional help renewing your health plan check our website.  While we try to be humble, we are the experts.

IMPORTANT: If you take no action to actively renew or change plans, you will automatically be enrolled, 30 days after the date on the renewal notice you received in the mail, into the same plan you had the previous year and using the most recent household size and income information you gave us. Covered *  Insure Me  

5 comments on “2020 Rates & Benefits – Less than 1% premium increase

  1. I want to get an Individual plan that UCLA accepts. I went to their webpage and they accept WAY MORE plans than just Blue Shield PPO and Oscar EPO!!! They also told me this over the phone.

    What’s the problem? Are you trying to sell me just the plans you make the most commission on?

    • First off, we have to accept that Covered CA controls the CA marketplace, even if you get a plan directly from an insurance company. Check my website for the citation.

      Here’s the companies that write Individual Coverage in CA for 2020

      1. Anthem Blue Cross of California.
      2. Blue Shield of California.
      3. Chinese Community Health Plan.
      4. Health Net.
      5. Kaiser Permanente.
      6. L.A. Care Health Plan.
      7. Molina Healthcare.
      8. Oscar Health Plan of California.
      9. Sharp Health Plan.
      10. Valley Health Plan.
      11. Western Health Advantage.

      Go to this link and then scroll down for information on each company. You can get quotes here for 2020 on 11.1.2019 Sure you can get quotes from Covered CA or on each companies affliate link – no extra charge for our services, they pay us. It’s just that if you want us to help you compare, our tools won’t be ready till 11.1.2019.

      So, sure UCLA lists a lot of plans they accept, but how are you as an Individual going to buy them?

      Preferred Provider Organizations (PPOs)
      Aetna – Left CA!
      Anthem Blue Cross Left CA in 2018 but came back for 2020
      Blue Shield of California
      CIGNA – Left CA
      First Health
      Health Net of California OK, but not on the list for Individual Plans
      Interplan (a HealthSmart product)
      UFCM Health System, Inc. dba California Foundation Medical Care (CFMC)
      Prime Health Services
      Private Healthcare Systems (PHCS)
      TriCare Are you Military?
      UnitedHealthcare – Left CA for Individual Plans

      If you have Medicare we can help you on this website.

      If you have a business with at least one non-spousal employee, we can help you here. Group Employer Quotes

    • We do not care or want to comment about what anyone said over the phone. It’s just too unreliable. The courts won’t even accept hearsay evidence.

      Here’s where we spent an hour with our crystal ball, coming up with reasons why someone over the phone said something…

      It might often depend on the question you ask. You might not be asking the right question. Sure, UCLA accepts a lot of Insurance Companies. The question is, what companies can you buy as an individual that they accept?

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