What does the question on the

Covered CA application about disability and prior medical expenses mean?

Does your answer really matter?

Covered CA Question
Covered CA Question


Question 1- Disability

Medi-Cal provides essentially unlimited benefits for genuinely disabled persons (not the 190 inpatient cap under Medicare, for example).  It also pays on the order of $800 per month for mental health/behavioral health counseling (such as methadone treatment for heroin addicts or detox/intervention for alcoholics).

the first question changes how they are determined into Medi-cal per Covered CA Email dated 1.18.2016

Question 2 – Prior Medical Expenses

Medi-Cal will pay most medical expenses incurred without medical insurance for up to 90 days prior to the application date for Medi-Cal.  The reasoning behind this is that many uninsured persons go to hospital emergency rooms for health care, some of whom are admitted for acute care needs.  Hospitals and doctors would be left with unrecoverable bills if it weren’t for the retroactive payment scheme.

You can see the list of reimbursement rates here:  medi-cal.ca.gov  In the margin are various other reference resources you may consult. max herr insurance services.com

the second one doesn’t have that much benefit,  per Covered CA Email dated 1.18.2016

FAQ # 27

FAQ 27 Disability Defintiion
FAQ 27 Disability Definition



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